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1. Check the Prompt or Assignment Again · 2. Make Sure You Have Included Everything · 3. Take Another Look at Your Introduction · 4. Add More Evidence and …(2)

Dec 11, 2015 — How to Increase Your Essay Word Count · Add Examples · Address Different Viewpoints · Clarify Statements · Find Additional Sources · Use Quotations.(3)

How to Increase your Essay’s Word Count · Add More Details. Look for places where you might have been vague and clarify. · Offer an Example. If it’s appropriate, …(4)

Tip #1: Look Back at Your Prompt/Rubric/etc. · Tip #2: Go Back Through Your Introduction and Conclusion · Tip #3: Have Someone Proofread Your Essay · Tip #4: Use …(5)

Convert Numbers to Words … Don’t Put Your Rep on the Line – Bank on Our Specialists! … Prodigious Writers with More than Three-Year Practice …(6)

Do you have an essay due that a minimum word count of like, 1,000 or something? Well, we got you covered. ↓ Read more… ↓. Ever wanted to make a random …(7)

Tips And Methods On How To Increase Word Count In An Essay · Adding examples to your essay: · Weigh in on different angles: · Making statements in your essay clear …(8)

Jan 2, 2020 — Include more transitional words · Write a reverse outline · Use expert quotes · Use multiple examples to back up your argument · Read your writing …(9)

Use transition words — 4. Include examples. Using examples while writing essays is a very good practice. It helps you write more clearly and put forth your …(10)

Feb 15, 2022 — 21 Helpful and Easy Tips to Make an Essay Longer · 1. Make sure you included everything on the rubric. · 2. Load up on transitional phrases. · 3.(11)

Use Transitional Words — You can have natural ways to increase your essay length through transitional words. These words intend to connect sentences or …(12)

Sept 13, 2021 — Add more details · Essay writing help when you need · Use several examples · Read and confirm every detail is included · Do extensive research.(13)

Using an essay extender is a much more ethical option than asking someone to do it for you because it’s only your ideas being used. The essay lengthener doesn’t …(14)

Adding additional information to support a point · 6. Moreover · 7. Furthermore · 8. What’s more · 9. Likewise · 10. Similarly · 11. Another key thing to remember · 12 …(15)

Jul 18, 2019 — Add Supporting Evidence · Ensure that You’ve Included Everything · Use Transitional Phrases · Use Quotations · Take Another Look at Your Outline.(16)

To increase your essay word count, add another supporting (or counter/contrast) argument. Never add fluff or extra-long sentences and never keep repeating … · Top answer:  You should never try boosting the word count in your essay. Remember, the one evaluating your …(17)

You can set it so that if you write a paragraph with one word on the next page, it’ll put another line on that page to make the one word less lonely. That can …(18)

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17 academic words and phrases to use in your essay

Jan 7, 2019 — 17 academic words and phrases to use in your essay · 1. Firstly, secondly, thirdly · 2. In view of; in light of; considering · 3. According to X; X …(19)

Aug 10, 2015 — 1. Let someone else read your essay. · 2. Look at your topic from a new angle. · 3. Think outside the box. · 4. Add more support. · 5. Walk away for …(20)

Sept 8, 2019 — While there are little tricks like more superfluous language, I find a lot of people’s essays are pretty superficial. Adding a paragraph or …(21)

Make use of example: While using examples within your essay creates the impression that your work is adequately informed, it also adds to the word count of your …(22)

Be More Descriptive — Run a content check on your essay to identify areas that could possibly be made longer by adding more descriptions.(23)

Aug 6, 2022 — More Transitions and Linking Expressions ; and. for example. meanwhile ; another. for instance. moreover ; an additional. for this reason.(24)

Nov 5, 2018 — There you have it – some of the best phrases to include in your essays. They can replace mundane words and add more flair to your style of …(25)

by T Horkoff · 2015 — Whether you are typing an email or writing a report or essay, it is your … Prepositions connect a noun, pronoun, or verb to another word that describes or …(26)

Please note that the linking words do not need to be at the start of the sentence. You can use them more flexibly by changing their location. Global warming …(27)

Include “to be” verbs. Avoid saying “I eat quickly.” Try writing, “I am a quick eater.” · Be more descriptive. Don’t say “We had fun at the fair.” Say “My friend …(28)

7 Ways to Increase Word Count in Your Essay – Ivory Research

Clarify your statements · Use supporting quotations · Add another example · Insert tables or diagrams · Address alternative viewpoints · Consult one more text …(29)

Read More — At last, check if you have added everything you were supposed to. If you still need to cover some words, reread your essay carefully, you will …(30)

Use transitional words or phrases to connect parts of your argument (e.g., therefore, furthermore, nevertheless, consequently, however, similarly, by contrast, …(31)

Mar 16, 2021 — 8 Ways To Add Length To Your Essay When You’re Struggling To Meet The Word Count · ADD EXAMPLES · CLARIFY SENTENCES · USE QUOTATIONS · REWORD YOUR …(32)

Aug 24, 2022 — Does this sentence add information? Use: moreover, furthermore, additionally, not only . . . but also, or another addition transition. Does the …(33)

May 23, 2021 — Add more citations throughout the text.When you are learning how to make a paper longer, remember that the length of your essay is going to …(34)

Feb 15, 2020 — 5. Include more direct quotes. These are the pieces of text that you quote exactly word for word and put in quotation marks (with proper …(35)

With this word count, your essay will be in five-paragraph essay form. If you need more or fewer paragraphs in the body to prove your point, adjust the number …(36)

For example, if you use notwithstanding as a paragraph opener you may have to add other content words to provide more information such as “Nothwithstanding …(37)

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Adding more evidence, examples, and detailed insights into each paragraph to make your points stronger, and more believable. · Making sure you analyze and …(38)

9 Ways How to Make an Essay Longer and meet the Word …

Jul 1, 2021 — You can make your essay longer by using adding more evidence, adding examples and illustrations, using quotations, applying longer phrases, …(39)

Jan 28, 2019 — Don’t use filler. Adding unnecessary words or complicated sentences will make your essay weaker and your argument less clear. Don’t fixate on an …(40)

Jul 24, 2019 — 1. Avoid Abbreviations · 2. Replace Contractions with Full Versions · 3. Use Quotes · 4. Put More Details · 5. Use Transition Phrases and Sentences.(41)

3) Use More Words than Necessary · Use “to be” constructions. For example, don’t write “he learns quickly.” Try changing it into “he is a quick learner”; …(42)

A quotation from, say, the novel or poem you’re writing about can add texture and specificity to your discussion; a critic or scholar can help confirm or …(43)

Mar 17, 2022 — How to write an essay quickly · Eat a good breakfast · Pick your workstation and equipment · Get rid of social media and other distractions · Plan a …(44)

Divide into Paragraphs; Include Long Quotes; Avoid Acronyms; Add to the End; Extend Your Heading; Write out Numbers; Elaborate. 1 …(45)

Other words that can be used in academic … (1) You can add a noun (an “essential word” in this case) after the word “this” or “these”.(46)

Feb 14, 2018 — With a shorter word count, you are often forced to summarize long-winded thoughts into quick to-the-point snippets. 500 words give you more room …(47)

Jul 12, 2022 — Read assignment instructions carefully and refer to them throughout the writing process. · Pay close attention to “action” words used in the …(48)

Mar 25, 2022 — They link your thoughts and arguments into a chain to show how they relate to each other. Also known as transition words, these phrases often …(49)

Aug 21, 2019 — (For easy math, we’re going to say you have to write 800 words. Add 25% more words to that number. That leads us to 1000 words.(50)

Expressing an existing idea in a new way can get quite overwhelming sometimes. When rewriting a piece of content, you can always do better by using unique words …(51)

Using connecting words is a fantastic way to diversify your writing, add color to your speech, and make…”.(52)

Feb 4, 2020 — 1. The Classic “Big Punctuation” Trick You’re probably writing your essay in size-12 text. · 2. Long Quotations · 3. Use Small Paper · 4. The “ …(53)

When it comes to essay writing, a lot of students find a reason to put it off. … Get crazy with your vocabulary as you write, working in each key word …(54)

When to Use: To provide additional explanation to your previous point, or to add information to sound more accurate;. Exemplary Sentence: To start writing an …(55)

Aug 4, 2021 — For instance, a shortened sentence may look like this: “When writing essays, you should make them concise.” Although the new sentence is just a …(56)

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