How To Cite A Textbook In Essay

Citation Guide (MLA 8th Edition): In-Text Citation

Remember that for an in-text (parenthetical) citation of a book with no author, you should provide the name of the work in the signal phrase and the page number …(1)

Sept 30, 2021 — To in-text cite a textbook, include the textbook author’s last name and the page number containing the paraphrased information or quoted …(2)

Oct 25, 2017 — To cite an essay with an author in a textbook with authors rather than editors, follow the MLA format template and list the authors of the …(3)

The entry on the Works Cited, the list of references at the end of the paper, gives the author, title and publication information. Begin with the author, last …(4)

No author: Cite the first few words of the reference entry (usually the title) and the year. Use double quotation marks around the title of an article or …(5)

Jun 28, 2019 — Jun 28, 2019 An MLA book citation always includes the author(s), title (italicized), publisher, and publication year in the Works Cited entry.(6)

May 16, 2013 — All books cited in your essay should also be listed in your reference list, ordered alphabetically by author surname. The general format for …(7)

The guidelines for citing an essay in MLA format are similar to those for citing a chapter in a book. Include the author of the essay, the title of the …(8)

Author’s Last, First Name. “Short Story Title.” Title of Collection, Publisher, Year, pp. xx-xx. MLA In-Text Short Story Book Citation Format.(9)

Sept 21, 2021 — Works Cited Citations · Page Number · Page number(s) are required for in-text citations in both APA and MLA format. · Publication Date · The …(10)

Author Last Name, First M. … “Chapter or Essay Title.” In Book Title, edited by First M. Last Name, page range. Place of Publication: Publisher, date.(11)

Jun 30, 2022 — Author (Last name, first name).Title of Book. Edition (if available), Publisher (if available), Year of online publication. Name of Website or …(12)

or chapter title. In Editor First Initial. Second Initial. Surname (Ed.), Book title: Subtitle (pp. page …(13)

For APA citations, the format for the bibliography citation is: Last name, First. (Year of publication). Title of Article. In Name of Book (article pages). City …(14)

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How to cite a textbook in print: · Name of the author(s) or editor(s) · Title of the textbook, including any subtitles · Version of the textbook (such as a …(15)

Work in an anthology — Works Cited. Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. “Article or Chapter Title.” Title of Book, Publisher, Year of Publication, pp.(16)

7 days ago — Chapters, Short Stories, Essays, or Articles From a Book (Anthology or Collection) … Author’s Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial if Given.(17)

When using endnotes to indicate the use of research sources, writers must also include a bibliography at the end of the essay. The note and the bibliographic …(18)

Last Name, First Name. Book Title. Publisher Name, Year Published. Example: Smith, John M. The Sample Book. BibMe Publishers, 2008. Author formatting.(19)

Sept 10, 2010 — form of the book title, in italics, in the parenthetical citation. … More frequently, you will cite a particular essay or chapter in an …(20)

MLA format follows the author-page method of in-text citation. … Works may include an essay in an edited collection or anthology, or a chapter of a book.(21)

Author(s) of Chapter. “Title of Chapter: Subtitle of Chapter.” Title of Book, edited by Editor of Book, Publisher, Publication Date, page numbers.(22)

To cite a chapter in a book in an essay, Locate the information you need to cite within the body of the essay. If all of the information in a paragraph came …(23)

by D Amsberry · 2015 — by D Amsberry · 2015 MLA in-text citation style uses the author’s last name and the page number from which the quotation or paraphrase is taken, for example: (Smith …(24)

May 28, 2021 — The APA style guide also explains how to cite a multivolume work. You list the last name and first initial of the author(s) or editor(s), …(25)

In a note, cite specific page numbers. In the bibliography, include the page range for the whole article. For articles consulted online, include a URL or the …(26)

Referencing print books · The author(s), or editor(s) – by surname and initial(s) · Year of publication · The title (in italics or bold) · The edition other than …(27)

How to Cite a Book Title in MLA Style Essay — When it comes to citing, it is important to note that quotations for essays are two different …(28)

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Feb 20, 2018 — Citing an open textbook is like citing any online textbook. Therefore, as the author and publisher of an open textbook, it is your job to …(29)

7 days ago — Basic format to reference an electronic book · [#] Reference number (matching the in-text citation number) · Author’s first initial. · Title: …(30)

Aug 17, 2022 — Books · Cite the author’s name first, followed by a comma, and then the title of the book in italics – Where a book has a title and subtitle not …(31)

Oct 20, 2010 — The format of footnotes and bibliographic citations differs. … essay.] NOTE that all items in a Bibliography are normally listed …(32)

May 23, 2021 — The basic structure of a book reference should list the author’s last name, the first initial of their first name, the first initial of their …(33)

We know that any source used while researching and writing academic papers must be referenced—and that not doing so could amount to accidental plagiarism—but …(34)

How to Cite a Chapter Written by Someone Other Than the …

Mar 21, 2016 — Your in-text citation would only include the name of the book’s primary author. The author of the foreword would simply be named in your …(35)

Sept 21, 2020 — When you have directly quoted from a chapter, use a standard in-text citation for a quotation, which includes the author, year, and page number.(36)

Introduce the text you’re writing about in the beginning of your essay by mentioning the author’s full name and the complete title of the work. Titles of books …(37)

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